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Family Guy icons & graphics.

Make Family Guy icons, avatars, banners, or whatever and post. Nothing more, nothing less. All posts are moderated (by yours truly) to make sure that that rule is kept up!

the rules.
1. Original icons only! Don't rip off other people's work as your own; I'll find out and ban your butt faster than you can say "Quahog."

2. Do not bash other people's work! If you like it, comment and take it. If not, shut up and don't take it. Fairly simple, wouldn't you say? If the poster requests constructive criticism, remember the keyword: constructive.

3. NO separate posts merely asking for requests! If you add new graphics and ask as a side note, that's fine. For those who don't make graphics at all, you can only request in comments if the graphic maker announces that s/he is taking them!

4. Have a lot to post? LJ-cuts are your friends.

Do promote; I'm too lazy to do it myself. But think about it -- new members means new icons means more for you. Works out logically, no? Yes.

and introducing:
Your mod, treno, fellow "Family Guy" fan and Stewie enthusiast. (No other mods are needed at this time; don't bother asking me to be made one.)

pd_icons ("Pushing Daisies")

Link us?

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